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Peaceful Decisions offers you peace of mind about planning your legacy. We provide valuable information about life’s most important decisions. Have you built out your will or advance directives? Have you thought about being an organ donor or thought through ideas about how you will be celebrated? We understand end-of-life matters and provide guidance, support, and a network of resources to assist you.


Eliminate your fear of the unknown. Gaining knowledge about the process of end-of-life planning can be satisfying and comforting. We alleviate the fear of the unknown because we have the necessary experience.  We know the challenges of end-of-life planning and can guide you to the right answers.


Let us collaborate with you on this journey. Our team offers guidance and helps shine a light on the important steps of planning your legacy. The Pathway Planning Guide will assist you to organize the most significant aspects of your life, valuable personal information, important documents and contacts, and your wishes.


Feel empowered as you utilize the Pathway Planning Guide to create informed decisions for yourself or a loved one. Being prepared can lead you to a feeling of comfort, peace of mind, and enlightenment. Peaceful Decisions is your trusted source on end-of-life matters.

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Peaceful Decisions Client Testimonials

“Words written here cannot express my family’s peace and comfort by your very thoughtful and sensitive handling of Mother’s funeral plans. Such kindness can not be trained; it only comes from the heart. Thank you.”

-Vincent S.

“With Tina’s incredible support I survived a very difficult and challenging time of my life.  Tina’s knowledge of our Jewish traditions eased any concerns about what was needed.  My one call to Tina put everything into place and I could be at peace knowing all would go smoothly.”

-Vicki S.

“Our father passed away unexpectedly and we contacted Tina.  She provided us with guidance on what to do and what to expect when dealing with the funeral home.  Three months later our mother passed.   Prior to her death we contacted Tina for advice on her care during her final days.  Having a plan eased our minds and helped us create a perfect service for mom.”

-Maria L. and Angela H.


“Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it.”

-Haruki Murakami

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