Pandemic and Funerals

Most people could not imagine the extraordinary impact that the pandemic has on our lives. For the thousands of families dealing with the death of their loved one, what are they to do now? Traditionally, we mourn within a few days or weeks of a death. Family and friends seek out ways to express their condolences to the grieving family in person. In the current climate of a pandemic, it is difficult to have the personal connection to those who grieve.

Funeral homes are struggling with the volume of death and how to assist families in paying tribute to the deceased during this pandemic. Some funeral providers may permit families to have a gathering at the time of the death. More are offering the final disposition of burial, cremation as the immediate solution and suggest scheduling a memorial service at a later date.

The Peaceful Decision Advisors are available to guide you through this challenging time. We can help you plan a service worthy of your loved one. Schedule time with a Peaceful Decisions Advisor, today.

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At the end of life’s journey, you can always use a trusted friend.

Let Peaceful Decisions take these last steps with you to light the way.

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