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when it comes to shaping your legacy.

Our Services

Our consulting approach assists you in preparing for your legacy. The Pathway Planning Guide is your personal roadmap for this journey. Our consultative services provide help you to identify your wishes, create a plan, and share that plan with your loved ones. Peaceful Decisions was created to offer you the questions and answers for life’s most important decisions—it’s a path towards peace-of-mind and a gift for those you love.

What Peaceful Decisions can do for you

Our valuable information, resources, and network of professionals offer support to you on your personal journey. We help you assess what you have and what you need to do about answering life’s important decisions.  Our guides and team of experts will guide you through every step.  Peaceful Decisions also offers ideas on how to begin the challenging conversation with family and friends about end-of-life planning. 

  • Final disposition options
  • Funeral or memorial services options
  • Creating a personalized service
  • Documenting your story

  • Advance planning information
  • Necessary end-of-life documents
  • Creating meaningful obituaries and eulogies
  • Costs related to services and merchandise

Peaceful Decisions removes the fear of not knowing what you don’t know.
The benefit? Peace of mind. Work with us before the need arises.

Podcast Series, “Out of the Pine Box”

Out of the Pine Box” is a new podcast series directed by Tina Holmes, president of Peaceful Decisions. Tina is a trusted funeral industry professional aiming to take the fear out of the end of life planning. Future series will include special guest speakers with expertise in a wide range of death and funeral topics.

Coming Soon!

At the end of life’s journey, you can always use a trusted friend.

Let Peaceful Decisions take these last steps with you to light the way.

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